So what's the cheapest new Ford money can buy? Pat on the aback if you answered Ford Ka, agitate of the arch if you didn't (the answers even in the commodity title!) Yes afterwards a amazing 13 years, the Ka is still traveling strong, but now it's had a makeover... To bread a able-bodied ploughed byword 'if it ain't bankrupt don't fix it' and to be honest admitting its advancing years the old Ka didn't attending anachronous and still collection the auto off the competition. I acclimated to drive the Ka if I didn't adorned demography the auto for a circuit and consistently begin it a riot, with the 1.3 litre engine affairs a car that advised as abundant as a bag of amoroso forth at a fair pace. Even admitting it was balloon shaped it still handled well, even if the angular tyres started to let go if you were overeager. 

It was a appearance accent as abundant as a car, the blazon of account you'd acquisition afraid its arch out of a backpack rather than getting topped up with oil. It was a bargain Ford too with new ones starting from as little as £4,995. Yes there was corrective metal on the central of the doors rather than awe-inspiring covering and OK the accent stick just ashore out of the attic like a van, with no attempted aesthetics, but it had charm. So if I acquaint you the new Ka is a actor afar abroad from this you'd be appropriate to alpha worrying. 

The aboriginal affair that strikes you is how developed up the new adaptation is. It's still actual blue but is about a Ford Fiesta that has been put in the ablution on too hot a temperature. This about is no bad affair as the new Fiesta is not alone a abundant drive, but a blithely styled vehicle. The Ka isn't absolutely as appealing although afterwards my glasses on I couldn't acquaint the aberration so it can't be too bad. To drive, the car is actual agnate to the new Fiat 500 - in actuality it's the same. 

The acumen for this is absolutely simple really; both the Ka and 500 are congenital in the aforementioned branch in Poland application the aforementioned parts. That's appropriate the new Ka isn't a absolutely new architecture afterwards all. Don't anguish admitting as partnerships are not necessarily a bad thing, just attending at Starsky and Hutch or Tango and Cash. The 500 is a agreeable to drive and accordingly so is the Ka, with it activity every bit as chill and fun about the city-limits as a baby car should be. The autogenous is a massive advance on the approachable car, including a space-age centre animate accomplished in argent and analogous art deco aperture handles. Even the accent stick now looks acceptable as it protrudes from the dashboard, falling calmly to hand. The seats are close but authority you in abode able-bodied and the active position is acceptable unless you're over six foot. When you accede the majority of Ka buying is women I don't anticipate this will be an issue.

One affair that will be about are the headlights. For all the acceptable in the blow of the car, it accept to be acicular out that they are dimmer than an asbo adolescent with a pea for a brain. On accustomed axle I had to accumulate blockage they were on, if I switched to abounding axle the bearings got worse as advancing cartage kept aflame and blinding me to say my lights were too bright, yet the about-face to abounding axle fabricated no discernable aberration from the active seat. I had a agnate botheration with my accepted car and bought some top powered (but legal) backup bulbs that accept bigger things greatly. I advance this is the aboriginal accent you buy for the New Ford Ka [].

I feel I've put a dampener on the new Ka, but for it to abide a 'cheap Ford' in the accepted bread-and-butter climate, GM had to be alive and body it in accord with Fiat and abominably the headlights accept slipped through the net.  No matter, the blow of the car is just as acceptable (with a far above interior) to the old Ka, just with a added developed up feel that does accomplish the age-old attending a tad anachronous if anchored next to anniversary other. The 1.2 litre Zetec adaptation costs £9,295 and allotment an absorbing 55.4mpg, consistent in a beggarly alley tax amount of £35 for the year. Just anticipate with all that money you'll save you can buy as abounding backup bulbs as you like.